We enable better therapeutics by using authentic human proteins.

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Innovative platform to transform drug discovery

  • Any Application

    We can produce targets for any drug development application with rapid turnaround and scalable yields.

  • Native Accuracy

    Active, full-length proteins from human cells with correct post-translational modifications. No workarounds.

  • Reliable Performance

    Our capability to produce the most challenging targets and antigens allows us to pursue the undruggable.

Biology Engineered

ExcepGen’s proprietary technology enables a high yield of proteins that have historically been difficult — or impossible — to produce.

The technology was developed by ExcepGen co-founders Dr. Thomas Folliard and Dr. Barbara Mertins, two scientists with a background in biochemistry and structural biology.
ExcepGen Techology

Learn more about how ExcepGen is reimagining R&D

  • More reliable antibody discovery

  • Scalable therapeutic protein production

  • New disease models

  • Native small molecule targets